Couples Counseling

Romantic relationships are challenging.  They require two people with different life experiences, communication styles, attitudes, and beliefs to connect on a deep and intimate level, work together as a team, and maintain trust long after the warm and fuzzy feelings of their initial meeting have faded away.  Without a willingness to work and compromise, relationships often fail. 

Sometimes couples need a mediator to facilitate open and honest communication and to explore alternatives for addressing conflicts in the relationship in a healthy manner.  Whether it is disagreement over approaches to parenting and time spent together, or a betrayal of trust stemming from marital or financial infidelity, our counselors work with willing couples to develop healthy expectations and boundaries important to preserving long-term relationships.

If you and your significant other are experiencing troubles in your relationship and would like to explore couples counseling, contact us today to schedule an appointment.  Our team of licensed therapists is ready to help you find the keys to a more rewarding and secure relationship now and in the future.

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